How do your competitions visual marketing change country to country?

Visual Retail Audits

GIO collects high-resolution retail shelf set photographs from virtually any retailer in 25 countries.

Shelf images provide the quickest route to understanding how your consumer connects with your brand at retail.

GIO’s shelf set photos capture the current competitive environment in which your brands live so you can better understand how to successfully compete on a global basis.

We use shelf sets to identify strengths and weaknesses in the presentation of your brand at retail.
You see what your brand and package design decisions look like on shelf, and can identify the strategic decisions being made by your competition at retail.

We provide this on a country-by-country basis to identify unique consumer trends in applicable to each category.

By experiencing your category’s reality in the field, you are better equipped to make effective strategic decisions for your brand.

  • Shelf set photographs

  • On-shelf competitive analysis

  • Strategic design

  • Brand success identification

We provide a window on the world that allows you to view your competitive environment from anywhere in the world.