Is your overall visual stronger than your versioning?

Brand Architecture

GIO delivers deep insight into brand architecture to accelerate consumer connection.

Architecture defines the organization for a successful brand. We provide valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your existing architecture, and how it can be improved upon as you grow your global franchise.

Understanding how your consumer views your brand is key to developing strong brand strategy.

We help you understand the most important benefits in your category and how to communicate those to your consumer in a way they understand. We identify the executional approaches used by your brands and competitors.

Our architecture assessments provide insight into how well your brand organization is viewed and understood by the consumer at retail in the real world.

GIO’s global capabilities identify your competitor’s overall brand strategy and identifies country-by-country nuances. This is critical in increasing your brand’s global breadth and depth. 

  • Sub-Line and Variant Strategy

  • Spectrum of benefits

  • Nomenclature structure.

  • Visual Communication of this structure

What is Brand Architecture?

It is the foundational lens through which the consumer views your brand on-shelf. It is the ideal organization of a brand’s varieties and sub-families.

We look at two architecture elements: the visual equity and the benefit nomenclature. These two elements function synergistically.

Brand architecture can mean different things. At one level, it explains what the brand stands for as an entity and how the manufacturer wants the consumer to view the brand overall. At another level, brand architecture defines how product sub-lines (boutiques) and versions are structured within the brand.

Visual equity defines how versions differentiate themselves at the SKU layer: color, logo, and overall package design. Benefit nomenclature drives strong architecture organization by communicating what each product offers the consumer.

GIO brings clarity to your global equity