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Structural & Graphic Packaging Assessments

GIO collects products and packaging from 23 countries to analyze structural and graphic packaging strategies and executions.

These assessments are used by our clients to optimize their packaging strategies around the world.

Our packaging assessments can positively impact your profitability by identifying potential cost savings. We analyze your brand’s sizes so you can make informed decisions about potential portfolio reductions. We also evaluate how components are being shared across multiple package shapes and categories, helping you decide if every product line requires a proprietary package or if more component sharing makes strategic sense. Such analyses often factor in sales data and can help identify minimally profitable package structures and shave manufacturing costs.

  • Brand 2D & 3D Equity Assessments
  • Structural Packaging Analyses
  • Proprietary Internal Packaging Systems
  • Country-by-Country 2D and 3D Audits
  • Competitive Packaging Cost Analyses

GIO helps Clients create the most successful and meaningful visual equity and package design decisions possible. We take a systematic approach to assessing each major brand in the category by:

  • Identifying design strategy through color, shape and logo.
  • Identify elements that differentiate versions.
  • Uncover how design changes country to country.
  • Assessing packaging execution at point-of-sale.

What is Packaging?

The package is the only element in the marketing mix that the consumer is guaranteed to see. It is the business end of the shopping experience. How you present your product— including the visual elements you use—must reflect the desired brand experience.

Creating great packaging is more complex than it looks. Many people view the package simply as a container for the product. However, it’s so much more than that.

The package intertwines many brand equity elements: shapes (structure), labels, dispensing systems, colors, portability, graphics, and materials. Often, packaging is the only thing your consumer knows about your brand throughout the entire decision-making process leading up to a purchase.

Therefore, the exterior is as much a part of the entity the consumer is buying as is the substance contained within. In fact, in some countries—especially Japan—the package is even more important than the product. So it must communicate everything about your brand

Each individual element of the package connects with the consumer in a different way. For successful brands, all of these elements work together to create a cohesive experience that positions the product in the consumer’s mind in the way that the brand intends.

GIO identifies these connection points and how they impact the consumer’s perceptions of the product.