GIO looks across categories to identify how successful brands connect with their consumers in key countries and applies those insights into actionable results for Clients.

GIO puts clients’ design and brand strategy decisions in perspective by showing them what their strategies look like on shelf, surrounded by their competitors.

Skin Care

Hair Care

At the same time, GIO can show clients how brands in other categories successfully compete on shelf and how those lessons from other categories can be applied to each client’s own category.

Personal Cleansing

Oral Care

GIO not only helps you understand your brand presence in your own category, but also applies our expertise across categories to improve your overall brand strategy success.

Feminine Care

Baby Care

Categories function as individual stores within each retailer. Each category meets very different facets of consumer needs and every brand uses different elements to meet those category needs.

Paper Goods

Household Cleansers

Within each category, there is a common thread that runs through all brands. Snacks, for instance, sell fun, while feminine care sells protection, comfort and discretion.

Fabric Care

Men’s Products

Because every category is different, each one has elements from which you can learn and that can be applied to the category in which your brand competes.


Dish Care

Each category creates a different look and feel to appeal to its consumers, but there is much to learn from understanding the core way in which the many brands in a category connect with their consumer.

Food Products

Health Care

GIO works across numerous related categories. We identify key insights and inspiration from other categories.

Drain Cleaner

Pet Care

We help clients better understand their existing category on a global basis.